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The next ebook recommendations provide thrilling leisure. So immerse your self in stories this holiday season which are fun to learn from begin to end. And of course these works also make good Christmas presents.
On this sense, we want you a peaceable Christmas holiday and good wishes for a healthy and successful year 2023.

Weird Stories
Superstition has all the time had its place in human society. The concern of black cats crossing our path from the left, the number 13 and Friday the thirteenth seems to be ingrained. Likewise, strolling under a ladder or breaking a mirror is said to deliver bad luck. So it is no coincidence that this e book accommodates exactly 13 spooky stories, a black cat and a mirror. Do curses really work or only if you imagine in them? Do aliens and time gates only exist in our creativeness? What is feasible or inconceivable, fact or fiction? You, expensive reader, have to seek out that out for yourself. However beware! Don't get misplaced between the strains of this guide.
ISBN-13: 978-1093338331

Luhg Vacation
This anthology brings collectively two exciting tales:
Welcome to Luhg Holiday
When the Kohlmann family spontaneously turns up at the Resort Luhg Holiday because of a predicted snowstorm, they have no idea what awaits them there. Nothing appears to be going right in the spooky old house, and soon the three kids and their dad and mom find themselves in the most incredible journey of their lives.
See you at Luhg Holiday
On a trip trip to the south, Sabrina, Gudrun and Betty drive into a tree in the fog and must stop off at the Luhg Holiday. The lodge has changed as a result of 7 years have handed since Sabrina involuntarily spent her holidays there together with her household.
Who is the great young man who takes care of her so touchingly after the accident and but carries a darkish secret with him? And what happened to the ghouls who ran the Luhg Vacation? An thrilling adventure awaits the friends. Will they escape the danger that lurks behind the gloomy partitions?
A particular horror comedy and a special studying pleasure for the entire household.
ISBN-13: 978-3743152625

Mystica Venice
A lacking bride, a grim reaper as a gondolier, a blind painter, an odd sign on a wall and a mysterious order, Guido imagined his honeymoon in Venice a bit of differently. In desperation, he and his sister-in-law Ana Karina set off on the virtually hopeless seek for Christina Maria in the turmoil of the carnival that rages through the slim streets of the lagoon city, and in the course of comes throughout an ancient legend.
ISBN-13: 978-3903056701

The Cry of the Magpie
The year is 1632 and the plague is raging in Europe. As individuals languish within the metropolitan areas of the big cities, authorities, church and society search for culprits. Anybody who stands out from the group is definitely suspected and in danger of being burned at the stake. So-called witch trials force innocent folks below unbearable torture to make false confessions. It primarily affects those ladies whose solely offense is data of herbs and healing ointments or the ability to foresee the longer term. It is the age of the Inquisition, which is to claim its bloody victims over centuries.
The healer Brunhilde is suspected of witchcraft and has to flee town with her daughter Maria. They discover shelter with the traveling individuals, however quickly Maria's nightmares are to be fulfilled in a horrible way.
ISBN: 978-3753416397

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Company data:
Britta Kummer is an creator. She writes children's, youth and cookery books, was born in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal.
There are additionally two books on MS. However, these are not specialist books concerning the illness MS (multiple sclerosis), however the MS story of the creator.
Her book, Welcome Dwelling, Amy, received the Daisy Ebook Award in January 2016. The Carinthian studying group "Lesefuchs" awards this award for good kids's and younger grownup literature at irregular intervals.

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