Learn how to Machine the PERFECT BALL in a BOX

The right way to Machine the PERFECT BALL in a BOX
, The right way to Machine the PERFECT BALL in a BOX , , oTGfVnpq3-8 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTGfVnpq3-8 , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/oTGfVnpq3-8/hqdefault.jpg , 192146 , 5.00 , Barry uses the Doosan 5700L to Machine the Perfect BALL in a BOX. He reveals his secret technique of machining a free floating ... , 1651575619 , 2022-05-03 13:00:19 , 00:12:27 , UCc2lUKVOTXKlQR7Fm7h1JfQ , TITANS of CNC MACHINING , 4185 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=oTGfVnpq3-8 , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTGfVnpq3-8, #Machine #PERFECT #BALL #BOX [publish_date]
Barry uses the Doosan 5700L to Machine the Excellent BALL in a BOX. He reveals his secret methodology of machining a free floating ...
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  1. Or just heat up a cube and cool a metal ball so they can fit through each other.

  2. Excellent. Now make a solid dodecahedron inside a skeletal hexadecagon. I CHALLENGE YOU.

  3. I never clamp anything offset that much in a vice – it will not be square – at least not in the vices I have. The fixed jaw is fine, but the moveable one will cock. Putting it near the center of the vice, or using a spacer on the other side of the vice will fix it. Evrey vice I have does this. Check yours. If it is still within .002 when clamped this way, then I want one.
    Been machining for 30 years.

  4. Very cool, could have left 1/2" Xtra & machine 5 sides to 3" in 1 op, flip 180, face to 3" & start ball cutting ops, lot less to check

  5. Great video! How did you check squarness by flipping the block just once? Don't you need to check it by rotating it on 3 different axis's?

  6. Dont know how much mm Tolerance you have But i think the differences in the power of the vice is more important than the 0,02mm in milling faces.

  7. Just a 3 axis mill and 2 cutting tools? Damn let me just get mine out of my toolbox.

  8. here's a kinda dumb request, do you think you could do the same on a 5 axis mill, doing all 5 sides of the ball in one op then last doing the 6th side, and to compare with the 3axis ball please? (not the cubing part mainly the ball part)

  9. Am I the only one who was thinking of heating the frame to expand it and then insert the ball while seeing the whole video.
    I mean, wouldn't it be easier to polish both parts as well as to have a proper sphere?

  10. Maybe is should be in a tumbler for a short while to get a smooth surface. But the question is not how to make it but where to buy it and if it comes anodized, should be anodized in two different colors. Think it would look good on a desk and people will wonder how the ball got in there

  11. The 3D printed material has worse tolerance than aluminum due to plastic shrinkage. I also think they should have attempted to use some kind of adhesive on the grip between the plastic and ball

  12. I thought they were going to explain more about the spheres tiny inaccuracies than 5 minutes of making a square box. But ok

  13. У меня стоит на столе куб в кубе. Внутри большого куб поменьше, и внутри него ещё один.

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